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5 mistakes when applying nail polish

5 mistakes when applying nail polish
    5 mistakes when applying nail polish

    We women always love Find all new and exciting with regard to the world of nail colors that decorate their hands when we went out to work or presence of concerts and events nightlife. And also to put nail polish certain ways, as well as there are many mistakes that we should be avoided when you go to the salon and
    Although each beauty salon certain ways in nail care and put nail polish, but there are 5 mistakes you should avoid when you go to the salon:

    1-not to remove the skin completely from around the nails: Many salons Ikmn so without realizing the importance of skin bacteria to leave out and far away, so you must pay back the skin and not entirely removed from around the nails.

    2. No to overeating: This is a problem other committed saloons. Must soak nails warm water only for a few minutes until your nails do not become brittle and thus weaken the skin while ensuring that natural ingredients are used in the water.

    3. Do not use paint Ozafarsria drought: often using a quick dry nail polish to return to work and speeding )

    problem is that this paint dries and nails still need to breathe.

    4. Do not put a lot of color: color choices are enough to get the shape you want it and not to exaggerate the nail decorating.

    5. Do not forget to use the tools: Some workers believe that the use of their hands, rather than a tool to accomplish this task will be more efficient, while, in fact, cause health problems. Strive to be clean and healthy tools.
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