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How you’re beautiful without makeup

How you’re beautiful without makeup
    How you’re beautiful without makeup
    Did you know that most cosmetic means exist in your kitchen? This is true .. Look around you and you are in the kitchen. Is there some salt, tea, olive oil, eggs, honey, vinegar and mayonnaise? Let me tell you how if Tstviden including:
    Salt: The beauty of the simplest materials, will be well placed in the hair care through dry shampoo salt in the work of mouthwash in the bathrooms feet.

    Tea: Contains Alymadh (tannin), have been found to this article some of the aesthetic benefits of Geld.venzera for their ability to soak up the sun’s harmful ultraviolet tea is a protective lotions from the sun, which can be used for the body painter. Tea is also used in hair rinse to improve the color, which makes the hair pale brown more glamorous and brighter. It also improves the color gray hair Vigolh darker and thus works to hide. The tea compresses successfully used in mitigating Almjhdhoswal eye dark circles that appear below the eyes.

    Olive oil is one of the best vegetable oils for cosmetic purposes, as well as the numerous health benefits. It is characterized by its ability to soak up the sun’s harmful ultraviolet and therefore used Kmsthoudr duffle Achamms.uestkhaddm rays as well as in fat nails to treat cracks and Tqoahottriaalhar if the work bathroom for hair rinsing the hair with oil and then wrap a warm towel for half Saah.kma and enters the olive oil in the synthesis of many Kaloguenah cosmetics and creams.
    Brewer’s yeast: It is one of the richest natural materials in vitamins and minerals and Albrootineyat.an taken by mouth, it improves blood circulation and revitalize the body, and improve the condition of hair, skin, teeth and nails. It is also used for the skin if they are characterized by their ability to super-deep cleaning of the skin, therefore intervene in the installation of some of the creams and masks.
    Eggs: Eggs used to Enayahibalepeshrh, where eggs Onbead his clutch effect of this property Msam.oho benefit women with oily skin to resist the deposition of fat Bmsam Algeld.oma egg yolk is rich in protein and is characterized effect moisturizer for the skin. White is also used as a food tonic for hair ties because it contains a high percentage of Albrootin.kma that use hair earned luster and vitality.
    Castor oil: the first to use castor oil and its properties are realized ancient Almusrien.vkd found a seed that is extracted from the oil in some of the tombs of the pharaohs. Among the most prominent characteristics of this oil is used Kdhan to strengthen hair and an antidote to the hair cortex. It also resists dry hair because of the sun’s heat or the use of chemical dyes or by swimming in the sea water Almalh.kma that castor oil has a tonic effect of the nails, making it less likely to be bombed or cracks if painted by an Mentzma.kma used castor oil in the paint lips and Refreshments the skin.
    Honey: one of the best natural materials for skin care is advised by mixing with Baadawhit to Dhnalepeshrh fatty little milk, mixing or precious dry Dhnalepeshrh. It can also use its benefits to the skin through the work of the bathrooms where earns skin softness and vitality. Due to the effect moisturizer and nourishing for the skin death enters in the composition of many cosmetics such as soap, creams and masks.
    Corn flour: enter the work masks and used effective treatment for facial burns pills Achamms.kma uses cleaner good for hair through cornmeal shampoo.
    Mayonnaise: You can buy ready-mayonnaise can be prepared Mounzel.oho features scrumptious taste and has a great nutritional value and most types of mayonnaise contain protein and vitamin O.ovi if used on the skin, it is very useful for the health and safety of the skin, it also features a moisturizing effect.
    Yogurt: enter in the preparation of many cosmetics special masks to effect moisturizing and nourishing for the skin, skin care also has the advantage effect helps the demise of patches and pills Aluge.uestkhaddm yogurt cleaner good for oily skin and it Bdehnh on the face, then rinse face with warm water after 20 minutes. It also is used to clean the scalp and strengthen ties and to help hair growth Alharozlk rinsing the yogurt scalp before shampooing.
    Sesame oil: the advantage of its ability to absorb the sun’s harmful rays (UV) and therefore is used in the preparation of protective creams Achamms.kma rays and enters in many skincare Kmgz industry and moisturizer for the skin.
    Vinegar: It brings different juices such as sugar cane, grapes, apples and also can be prepared from wheat, corn and barley. The vinegar Altfahman best types of vinegar at all due to his many health benefits in addition to the aesthetic benefits. It is used in the form of Lye of the hair solution to get rid of dandruff and give the hair an attractive luster. It also resists the increased secretion of fat hair, so it benefits women with greasy hair. It also enters in the preparation of some of the creams Care Balepeshrh.omen benefits aesthetic vinegar also effect resistant to expansion and the emergence of the veins (varicose veins), and there is an old recipe for women with varicose veins to assist in the recovery from this disease, which distorts the beauty of the legs: paint the varicose areas apple cider vinegar once in the morning and the other In the evening, and to assist in this treatment taken a cup of water and add the Small tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the morning and evening, this treatment continues to Thelathosabia.
    Glycerin: used to treat cracks and roughness of the hands, also enters in the composition of many different cosmetic products, as well as for use in bathrooms work.
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